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Rules and Guidelines


  • #1 Abusive or threatning behavior is not tolerated. Always be respectful to others!
  • #2 Refrain from using bad language, we are a family friendly community after all.
  • #3 Never post content or links to sites that contain offensive, pornographic, illegal or otherwise explicit material.
  • #4 Obviously, like most others, we don't want spam. Please do not spam.
  • #5 Refrain from using CAPS when posting content. Shouting is a bit rude.
  • #6 Attempting to exploit, or attempting to hack anyones accounts is obviously not allowed, and will result in an IP ban.

Arcade and Gamer Points

  • #1 Never attempt to cheat. If caught out, this will result in a permanent Arcade ban.
  • #2 As always, keep your language clean and do not post links in the game comments.
  • #3 Do not exploit the Gamer Points system in any way. Gaining a ridiculous sum of GP very quickly will just get them removed!
  • #4 Have fun!

Profile, Messages and Chat

  • #1 Only add a link to your website in your profile if it's yours and does not contain content deemed offensive.
  • #2 Do not have too many and/or large images or animated GIFs in your signature. Keep it clean looking!
  • #3 Only use images that are your own in your profile picture and signature.
  • #4 Do not discuss unacceptable (by our other rules) or illegal topics within our messaging system.
  • #5 Unless permission is given, never post external links in the Chat.

Important Information

  • We hope you read and understand all of our rules.
    Really, we just want everyone to enjoy themselves while using our always-free website.

    When rules are found to be broken by our members. We will normally hand out "warnings" to them.
    You can find out more about warnings and what they mean here.

    If you have any questions regarding our rules, or think you've spotted someone breaking any, please contact one of the staff.

    This page was last updated on 04/12/2019.